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550 Points - Dropzone Commander Battle Report

Mission: Targets of Opportunity (Main Rulebook)

By wowskyguy

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Simple Objective based battle, using 2 player starter map and number of buildings. Armies are starter sets of UCM and PHR.

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New Varanasi was the administrative capital of the province of Danwar on the northern continent of Eden Prime. It had large government and tourism sectors and was considered an ideal location for wealthy citizens in the north of the planet.

Timeline: Week 1 of UCM Invasion of New Varanasi.

The factions are sending small patrols to reconnoitre buildings in outer parts of New Varanasi.

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Deployment & Terrain

Terrain: 3x4 ft

3 Large, 3 Normal, 4 Small Buidings, as per 2 player starter set layout

3 Objectives on the middle buildings

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Turn 1

PHR advanced full with the Neptune caring the Junos, but deployed the Ares and Phobos so they could shoot on turn 2.

UCM deployed all vehicles, APCs to the left and Sabres and Rapiers to the right.

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Turn 2

Remaining Legionaires entered the leftmost Objective building, while Immortals centered the Large Objective building. Meanwhile the vehicles on both sides maneuvered to position.

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Turn 3

Both infantry fail to find their objectives while armour continues to reposition itself

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Turn 4

Infantry still fails to find objectives and now both Armour take pot shots at each other. PHR fails to connect and UCM manages to damage. Dropships keep firing at buildings and doing little damage

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Turn 5

PHR and UCM infantry manage to find their objectives! PHR delivers the objective to one of it's Junos in hope it can clear the area. The Juno is picked up by the Neptune and dust half-way to the exit area. UCM Sabres manages to obliterate both Ares. UCM Rapiers try to redeploy for a last round interception.

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Turn 6

As the PHR objective slips away, UCM Rapiers open fire on the remaining Neptunes. The last Phobos and Juno manage to destroy the building with the Legionaires and found objective. Condors managed to destroy the other objective Normal building to +1 League point

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BFU - Troop APCs blown

Middle of turn 1, UCM deploy both it's APCs in the middle of a good road. PHR deploy Ares accondingly and hope for the initiative. Turn 2 PHR get the initiative and hit both APCs hard, kill all infantry inside one and making the other get cover behind an objective building

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Final Summary

PHR wins by 2 VP.

UCM did not manage to shoot down the Neptune with the evading Juno transporting the Middle building Objective out onto the PHR side. Last turn the PHR managed to destroy the Building with the last UCM legionaries inside along the previously found objetive.

The End - Where do you want to go now?

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