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  • 696 days ago 516 0 Dropzone Commander
  • Take and Extract
    (Official Tournament Pack 2015)
  • 1,500 points
  • 6 turns

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Using Tournament rules and scenario, we played a friendly DzC up to 4AM


Take & Extract

Using Tournament rules and scenario, we played a friendly DzC up to 4AM


Your forces are advancing and it’s critical that the centre of this sector is held by friendly troops. HQ has also identified four priority objectives in the surrounding area - these should be taken and extracted from the combat zone while you secure the area.

Deployment - PHR

The idea for this PHR army was to deploy with two columns. One Immortal squad to each Objective building. Right column was the Hades, 2 Phobos and the Janus for Sphere of Influence reach. Left column was Zeus, 3 Odins and another pair of Phobos. 

Turn 1

Non cautious advance by both armies. The only deployed units were both Phobos squads, Janus on the PHR side, and one Bear, both longbows and the rolling Wolverines and Kodiak for the UCM

Turn 2

UCM withheld the Sabers and Rapiers to deploy on turn 3. That gave plenty of space for the Athena to shoot down the Eagle. Longbows were redeployed. Four Gladius were aggressively deployed on the forward right UCM flank. PHR lost 1 Phobos to Kodiak fire.

Turn 3

Albatroz was shot down by Phobos, also killing one Rapier beneath it's downfall. Hades released black nanomachines and destroyed 2 Sabers. Concentrated Gladius fire destroyed one Odin from the Heavy battlegroup. Last Falcon was shot down by the Athena. 

Turn 4

Zeus & Odin redeployed to closer the Focal point. Both Immortal squads were destroyed by Longbows and Kodiak. Hades missed strafe fire on the Sabers. One Gladius destroyed. Athena fired building demo missile on the "second" UCM objective building and misses the limited 2+ shot.

Turn 5

Hades took a lot of damaged and used repair nanomachines on itself. One (black) Gladius fired on the other (weapon hack) ad managed to kill it. Wolverines advanced recklessly to the Focal point. Athena fired second demo missile on the Objective building, doing 6 dps. One base Legionnaire base was destroyed. UCM finds objective #1 and moves infantry group to southern building (UCM +1Vp)

Turn 6

UCM wins initiative and finished the Hades with Longbow shot. PHR continues to advance towards the Focus Point and fires on UCM units most close by. Legionarie group 2 finds the objective on "building #2" and exit via Bear + Condor (UCM +2Vp). 

Indirect Fire
Man of the Match

Th UCM had 3 indirect fire units and they were used to great effect. Not only thy destroyed both Immortal squads, they also managed to kill 2 Phobos on the last turn and made several damage points to the Hades.

Death from above
BFU (Biggest F*** Up)

UCM Longbows (and Kodiak) were superbly used with devastating effect against PHR Immortals that peeked on the windows. Both Immortal squads were eliminated with few attacks on turn 4, leaving the PHR infantry-less. The PHR should have know better than put their people on the line when the UCM had such weapons.


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Final Summary

Even though the UCM felt it was a close game, their victory was decisive. UCM made 4 Victory points( 2 Objective retrieved, 1 Objective found, 1 Focal point), PHR managed only 2, due the Focal point in the center. Kill points were PHR 715, UCM 706. 

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Clash: 1500/1500 pointsStandard Army  

PHR Standard Roster [1500/1500 pts]    

Hand of the Sphere [380 pts]      

Command Squad: 

Zeus(Grand Vizier), Odin, Neptune [306 pts]      

Janus Squad: 2x Janus, Triton A2(+Stealth Missiles) [74 pts]    

Battle Pantheon [166 pts]      

Battle Squad: 2x Phobos, Neptune [166 pts]    

Battle Pantheon [166 pts]      

Battle Squad: 2x Phobos, Neptune [166 pts]    

Immortals [208 pts]      

Immortals: 2x Immortals, Triton A1(+Miniguns) [104 pts] 

Immortals: 2x Immortals, Triton A1(+Miniguns) [104 pts]    

Heavy Pantheon [445 pts]      

Hades: Hades, Poseidon [275 pts]      

Heavy Squad: 2x Odin, Neptune [170 pts]    

Air Wing [135 pts]      

Athena Squad: Athena [135 pts]